PatricKxxLee enlists Sjava, Blxckie, Kashcpt, PsychoYP and more on new collaboration tape, Room 37

Written by on August 24, 2023

Rapper, singer, and producer PatricKxxLee releases Room 37, his first project of the year, which features collaborations with up-and-coming musicians he supports, including Sjava, Blxckie, KashCPT, Burningforestboy, and Nigerian rising star PsychoYP. KindlyNxsh also worked on the project. PatricKxxLee has never released anything like the 14-track album he produced over the past 8 months. With a shift from primarily “sad” music that he created solo to a body of work that embodies a wide range of emotions and ideas, PatricKxxLee, who first appeared on the scene as one of the leaders of the “New Wave” back in 2016, has maintained his reputation for creating profoundly deep music that connects with lost souls.   Because each of us has only one perspective as an individual, collaboration is crucial. Because we all have our own distinct perspectives, each artist on the tape will discuss love or other sentimental events totally differently from how I would. Similar to how relationships depend on communication, collaboration offers the door to a greater connection. It helps listeners comprehend that we’re all unique and that their viewpoint is just as valid as the artist or artists that are featured in the song by communicating from several points of view on the same song, according to PatricKxxLee. “The King of Rage” PatricKxxLee continues: “I hope this CD will change the perception that I’m just a dark or emo musician. I love various types of music, and I have a lot of different sides to me. I’m breaking out of the box that my prior music has placed me in with this tape, and I want my audience to know that I’ll be pursuing many new soundscapes in the future. As amapiano has taken over and partly demoralized the Hip Hop area in SA, Hip Hop has retreated into the background. Room 37 arrives at this moment. On this tape, PatricKxxLee aimed to collaborate with both established and up-and-coming Hip Hop artists. Sjava coordinating “Last Call” and pulling it off was sick. The making of this cassette involved several emotional rollercoasters. For instance, cried the day before began work on 4R, and it serves as the project’s introduction. And the last song, “Gravity,” which did in fact record last for this project, made me realize that the only person who can stop you from succeeding is YOU.  was like, “Damn, understand things now, understand why am the way am.”   It was only right that PatricKxxLee included the numbers and in his most recent tape because of his particular connection to these numbers (his usernames are all @patrickxxlee37). In numerology, the denotes the height of creativity, while the denotes the search for truth and understanding. Room 37 is my personal universe, contained within single room, and asked all artists to create this project there. Room 37 is like an after hours party that I, the universe’s ruler, hold and where you are free to do anything you want, say whatever you want, and express yourself however you see fit. was motivated by the television show “Stranger Things,” and wanted the sounds to transport listeners to also wanted the sounds to transport listeners on an adventure into the unknown. According to PatricKxxLee, “the room exists outside of time in an other dimension, hence the portal door on the cover graphic. The door of light is significant because it stands in for the entry to this dimension. Bright light is always used to represent change in plane, therefore it’s meant to imply that the listener is embarking on journey to new location.   And that connects to the project’s sounds, which heavily feature Juno synths. PatricKxxLee aimed to capture that acoustically in order to give you the impression that you are traveling into the unknown. Given that PatricKxxLee typically completes all of the work himself, witnessing him embrace teamwork for this project was deeply moving. It was fantastic to watch him be receptive to the suggestions and ideas of others, particularly co-producer KindlyNxsh, while still putting out music with his distinct and recognisable imprint on each and every song. His use of previously unexplored soundscapes, such Afro Pop and Afro Soul, in this production particularly demonstrated his artistic development, according to PatricKxxLee’s manager Jenny Tan. Immediately following PatricKxxLee’s trip to the US last year, production on the tape began. He returned at the end of November, conceptualized the tape, and in December 2022, began recording Room 37. His time in Los Angeles was significant because he got to see what it’s like when lot of musicians and producers work together in the studio. He decided to try this method of collaboration for this record, which is why just four of the 14 songs on Room 37 don’t have features.   When you listen to this tape, have high expectations but no expectations. Everyone will find something there. varied sounds to match different emotions. I wish to keep providing the music for your most powerful memories, whether they are happy or sad. PatricKxxLee says, “I hope you have fantastic moments while listening to my music and accept the depths of your experiences, whether they are positive or negative. As a lead-up to an upcoming album, be sure to follow PatricKxxLee online for the latest in music news and to listen to his most recent release.

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