TransAfrica Radio is Africa’s very first satellite/digital radio station broadcasting since 2000. Our audience consists of a loyal fan base across South Africa and the whole of Africa – It is a movement of influencers, opinion makers and brand-conscious members of Africa’s fast growing affluent and influential middle class. TransAfrica Radio uses its various platforms to aggregate and deliver quality audience to advertisers who are looking for new avenues to engage and interact with their customers.

The advent of the digital world in South Africa and the African continent has resulted in the fragmentation of audience across multiple media platforms. Consumers’ media choices have exploded, making advertisers’ jobs much more difficult. Capturing consumers’ attention in the fragmenting media world is ever more challenging and it is no longer a simple task of buying into a broad demographic group or reaching a target market with one mass media platform or channel.

TransAfrica Radio has been at the forefront of digital Radio on the African continent since 2000 and the TransAfrica Radio brand is a respected name within the community of opinion makers, early adopters of trends & technology and Influencers.

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