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Zimbabwean  R&B artist Malachi, combines the emotional push of his sentimental lyrics with elements of pop and textural, versatile production for a unique and diverse sound. Malachi’s debut solo EP, ‘Wicked Romance’ is a depiction of his views on life and love, a glimpse of his personal experiences depicted in a fluid EP.

Tanaka “Malachi” Shereni, born on the 3rd of March 2000  in the city of Harare Zimbabwe, Malachi has always taken an interest in music seeing as he taught himself how to play the guitar as well as sing, he decided at an early age that music was the path he was going take.Malachi is influenced by a variety of artists such as Drake & Tory Lanez because of their tone and style of music called “The New Toronto” and the range of their vocal capabilities.

The Zimbabwe native was writing songs and singing as early as the age of 12, but he honed his writing and singing skills for nearly 4 years while finding his sound and growing his production team before making his solo debut with ‘Wicked Romance’.

From as early as 2017, Malachi has always worked with a few producers namely, Elöhim & Elizée. They headed the production on his first singles and his EP, to collaborations with other artists. Malachi has always maintained growth and solidarity within his team, with a recent addition on his solo debut EP.

Jordan (a producer) became the finishing element in establishing Malachi’s new sound and the two just had organic, complementary chemistry while working on the EP. ‘Wicked Romance’ set to drop July 3rd is executively produced by Jordan with Elöhim and Elizée on production as well.


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