Written by on October 15, 2020

Appearing top on the top spot of new stats showing Tanzanian artist with You Tube channels amassed impressive number of view this past month WCB artist are reining supreme.

Top spot  belongs to the Bongo Flava recording artist and the WCB record CEO Diamond Platmumz with 27.2 million views. This follows just a couple of months ago  his video for  “jeje” surpassed 1 billion views  positioning him as the first  sub- Saharan artist to achieve such milestone, the Wassafi boss outdone himself with four million You Tube subscribers securing  his position as the first East African musician once again to hit those numbers.

The second spot was snatched by WCB princess Zuchu at 19.5 million, she made her debut on a high note with her single ”Wena” exiting I million views in just two days living up to its depiction “love at first side”.

On number three comes Rayvanny with 15.6 million  following closely is Harmonize the Ex-WCB member with 1.4 million views. Then the fifth spot was snatched by Mbosso  7.6 million views.


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