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Nov 9 (Reuters) – Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford said he was overwhelmed by pride after the British government swung to support his call to provide free meals to vulnerable children during the winter holidays. Rashford has campaigned for food vouchers during school holidays for children who normally receive free meals during term time if their parents receive welfare support. Parliament last […]

Ahead of his death on October 13, 2020,the renowned Nigerian poet and playwright John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo had given instructions on his burial. He wrote a poem, “My Last Testament”: This is to my family Do not take me to a mortuary, Do not take me to a church, Whether I die in or out of town, But take […]

The value and potential of geographic information system – or GIS, “the science of where” – has become even more obvious this year as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been used to map the spread of COVID-19 across space and over time, identify hotspots, vulnerable […]

Almost a decade after the United Nations set aside November 2 as a day to reflect on ending impunity for crimes against journalists, crimes against media workers in Kenya are still widespread. The coverage of elections and corruption cases has typically prompted these attacks. But now the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed more of the state’s intolerance towards […]

When I was seven years old, my family and I sought shelter at a military barracks of the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna. This was in 1992, during the Zangon Kataf violence between the Christians and Muslims in my community. It was during that disturbing incident that I realised the complicated nature of social relationships among members […]

Soundz of the South is a political Hip Hop collective working to build an international working-class counter-culture that is anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and ant-sexist. With the release of their brand new single and Music Video ‘For Power’, they have never been as RELEVANT, IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL. They seek to foster new social values and new […]

Master KG’s hit track  Jerusalema, featuring Nomcebo Zikode, has taken the world by storm with fans all the way from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France, to the U.S. (the top countries streaming the original tracks on Spotify over the past 28 days). As the date moves closer to the one-year anniversary of the song’s […]

Jesse Clegg has created some of his best work while in Los Angeles.  Under normal circumstances, he often finds himself working under pressure but add a looming travel ban and Jesse Clegg found himself in unchartered territory in March of this year! But, regardless of all of this, Jesse Clegg managed to make magic in […]

Introduced in to the South African music scene one half of the multi-award winning Gqom duo Distruction Boyz – renowned as the pioneers of the Gqom genre and hitmakers of their breakout single titled “Omunye”  dynamic Gqom producer QUE advance in to a new sound as he embarks in to his  solo journey. Having coined […]

Pulmonary hypertension is elevated blood pressure that occurs exclusively in the lungs. It is a deadly condition that affects an estimated 75 million people worldwide. Around 80% of them live in low- and middle-income countries. In a recent literature review my colleagues and I found that the prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in Africa can range anything from 10% to 68%. […]

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