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  By Umberto Bacchi and Avi Asher-Schapiro TBILISI/BERLIN, Dec 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – L ondon-based Uber driver Abdurzak Hadi is self-employed but says he is not his own boss as his workflow is determined by an obscure computer algorithm. With the ride-hailing app deciding which – and how many – clients he gets each […]

  By Nita Bhalla and Mohammed Omer NAIROBI/GAROWE, Dec 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A new generation of locust swarms is threatening to wipe out the livelihoods of farmers and herders across eastern Africa – deepening a food crisis in a region where 35 million people are already hungry, the United Nations warned on Wednesday. […]

  By Thin Lei Win ROME, Dec 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions from buildings and construction are jeopardising global goals to keep devastating climate change at bay, a U.N.-backed coalition warned on Wednesday, after data showed they hit an all-time high in 2019. The use of coal, oil and natural gas […]

  By Thin Lei Win ROME, Dec 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Nearly one in four people may not get COVID-19 vaccines until at least 2022 because rich countries with less than 15% of the global population have reserved 51% of the doses of the most promising vaccines, researchers said on Tuesday. Low- and middle-income […]

By Hugo Greenhalgh LONDON, Dec 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The lesbian minister daughter of anti-apartheid leader Desmond Tutu has called for full LGBT+ equality as almost 400 religious figures backed a global ban on conversion therapy and an end to laws criminalising same-sex relations. Leaders from all the main religions signed the joint declaration […]

  By Lin Taylor LONDON, Dec 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Air pollution contributed to the death of a London schoolgirl, a coroner ruled on Wednesday in a landmark case that could push Britain to get tougher on traffic and clean up city air. After a two-week inquest, coroner Philip Barlow said the death in […]

As the Paris Agreement marks its fifth anniversary, a U.N-backed global campaign to slash climate-changing emissions has added new high-profile members to its ranks, including high-street fashion retailer Primark and consumer electronics giant Sony. The “Race to Zero”, launched on World Environment Day in June, brings together businesses, cities and other organisations that aim by around […]

Dec 14 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization said on Friday nearly 1 billion doses of leading vaccine candidates had been secured as part of the COVAX programme to provide vaccines for low- and middle-income countries. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, told a Geneva news conference on Friday that 189 countries were participating in the […]

Climate-vulnerable nations know all too well that action on the climate emergency is just as important as a successful and affordable vaccine against COVID-19. This year’s U.N. climate talks may have been postponed, but no one can take away the midnight reckoning that beckons on December 31 when the deadline expires for the submission of […]

With trillions of dollars pledged to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us hoped this unprecedented windfall would be spent on making our economies more resilient and better adapted to climate change. Given the enormous fiscal constraints countries are facing, it would make sense for recovery programs to invest in initiatives that reduce the […]

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