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  Though long retired from playing, Pitso “Jingles” Mosimane hardly had a beard back in 2001 and the fat content in his body was miniscule. His was a typical football story of a former star trying to break into coaching. Only he was not typical. Whereas many an ex-star took it for granted that their […]

  It didn’t take eight white South African rugby players refusing to take a knee, or former Springbok Ashwin Willemse storming out of a television studio to realise that rugby has a race issue. Race and rugby have been inseparable since the first kickoff and its tentacles reach deep within the game’s structures. Depending on […]

Nadin* was in her early 20s when she started street trading in Durban. In search of a safer, better life, she left her home in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her husband, who worked as a local tailor at the time, encouraged Nadin to start anew in South Africa. Nadin, now 47, admits she was […]

  The claim that Israel practises apartheid in occupied Palestine is resisted in some South African quarters on the grounds that the system was unique to that country. They argue that to suggest that apartheid might be practised elsewhere is to denigrate the struggle of South Africans against this pernicious policy. Arguments against the description […]

Angola has changed tremendously since the end of its civil war in 2002. The war lasted almost four decades and decimated a country that had received little development support under Portuguese colonisation. In her new book, “From Water to Wine: Becoming Middle Class in Angola”, anthropologist Jess Auerbach focuses on everyday success rather than systematic failure. She […]

Noncommunicable diseases account for about 71% of the 57 million deaths reported around the world every year. Most of these deaths are caused by diabetes, cancers, heart disease and lung disease. Over 85% of these “premature” deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. A big concern is the growing prevalence of these conditions in older populations. This is especially true […]

In 1937, Anne Fischer, a young Jewish refugee, fled Nazi persecution and travelled via Palestine, Italy, Greece and England to South Africa. There she established herself as a photographer. She set up a portrait studio on Adderley Street in central Cape Town and, by the 1960s, had become the portrait photographer of choice for wealthy families in the […]

South Africa’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak was swift and assertive. The country quickly instituted testing, tracing, and quarantining those affected with COVID-19. But the financial and social effects of quarantine hit people, who were already struggling, especially hard. Racial and economic inequalities were amplified in South Africa, as elsewhere, through the new coronavirus threat. In March, the […]

  By Anders Kompass, a Swedish diplomat, civil servant, and former director of field operations for the UN’s Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.  This oped was written following a joint investigation by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian into allegations by more than 50 women of being forced into sex by largely foreign aid workers in […]

CAIRO, Oct 8 (Reuters) – In her village in Egypt’s Nile Delta, 35-year-old Shaimaa Saleh has spent sleepless nights worrying how to raise almost $1,000 to save her unfinished three-storey home. Like hundreds of thousands of others, and many dependents, she faces a deadline at the end of October by which residents of buildings without […]

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