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  By Kim Harrisberg and Kristi Eaton JOHANNESBURG/TULSA, April 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The words “facemask” and “hand sanitiser” are now familiar the world over, but for isiZulu speakers in South Africa those terms did not exist a year ago, until a group of volunteers took to the internet to create them. From Wikipedia […]

  April 1 (Reuters) – Rates of stillbirth and maternal deaths rose by around a third during the COVID-19 pandemic, with pregnancy outcomes getting worse overall for both babies and mothers worldwide, according to an international data review published on Wednesday. Pooling data from 40 studies across 17 countries, the review found that lockdowns, disruption […]

  Iqbal Nasim MBE is CEO of the National Zakat Foundation As a ‘BAME’ person, I want you – and our government – to stop using the term ‘BAME’. I understand why they (and possibly you) like it: it’s an umbrella, catch-all term for people who are non-white. And it is officially endorsed, meaning that […]

The U.N. report  synthesizing newly revised national climate plans is stark, but there are many successes and positive examples within it to learn from. This is particularly true for work on adaptation, an oft-underfunded side of the climate coin. In developing countries, adaptation is critical, directly improving livelihoods and paving the way for new economic opportunities. Robust […]

  Patrick Burland is a senior project officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) UK  Following years of steady increases in the number of potential victims of modern slavery being identified through the UK’s National Referral Mechanism (NRM), 2020 has seen a slight drop in these numbers for the first time since the system […]

  By Elizabeth Cunningham, a Canadian architect and carpenter lending her skills to small building projects for Syrian residents of İzmir, Turkey. Human history is a story of migration: people moving from one place to another in search of sanctuary and opportunities. Approximately 1 in 30 people are living outside their country of birth today and their chosen destinations […]

  David Kaimowitz is manager of the Forest and Farm Facility of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Global leaders have never been more serious about addressing threats to the climate and the environment than they are in 2021, urged on by public outcry and growing awareness that we are approaching a decisive moment in […]

  By Joseph Menn March 29 (Reuters) – At a time when U.S. agencies and thousands of companies are fighting off major hacking campaigns originating in Russia and China, a different kind of cyber threat is re-emerging: activist hackers looking to make a political point. Three major hacks show the power of this new wave […]

By Rachel Savage and Tom Haynes LONDON, March 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Rachel Levine made history this week as the first openly transgender person confirmed in a top government job by the U.S. Senate, with senators voting 52-48 to approve her appointment as assistant health secretary in Joe Biden’s administration. A professor of paediatrics […]

  By Matthew Lavietes NEW YORK, March 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The United Nations on Thursday urged a divided world to unite against a virus that ignores all borders, saying the pandemic could delay by a decade its goal to end global inequalities. A new U.N. report estimated that the novel coronavirus has unleashed […]

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