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  KARARE, Kenya, Sept 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – L echodede Lbang’a has managed to keep farming for more than 40 years, even through northern Kenya’s worsening drought, but now he worries that his main source of income faces a threat more immediate than climate change: the military. Lbang’a, 62, said for the past decade […]

  The PPE procurement scandal, which saw vital Covid-19 funds channelled to politically connected business people, has brought the vexed issue of South Africa’s tender system into the spotlight once more. What can be done to make government procurement more corruption-proof? “The tender system should be re-looked into,” said Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane this week, […]

As the virus spreads across the African continent, innovative and collaborative initiatives are springing up to strengthen healthcare systems. Mobile apps that transmit agricultural prices and weather forecasts to farmers are also being used to send out messages on how to avoid contagion by Covid-19. In South Africa, the government is working with the private sector […]

  Sept 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – South Sudanese activist Rita Lopidia was just a child when shells started falling in her hometown of Juba, forcing her and her family to flee the fighting in the 1990s. Her experience with years of civil war and displacement and her campaign for women’s participation in peace negotiations […]

Enid Otun is an aviation engineer and the creator of, ‘If Women Were Meant To Fly, The Sky Would Be Pink’, a podcast about her life as a female pilot in Nigeria As a Black, female commercial pilot in Nigeria in the 1980’s and 90’s, I was starting to grapple with the big questions. What am […]

  NAIROBI, Sept 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Governments’ failure to recognise the land rights of indigenous communities and their role in protecting biodiversity could lead to more coronavirus-like pandemics, researchers said on Tuesday. A study of more than 40 countries found many local people’s land claims were being ignored, amid increasing deforestation and wildlife […]

International rankings of universities are big business and big news. These systems order universities on the basis of a variety of criteria such as student to staff ratio, income from industry, and reputation as captured through public surveys. Universities around the world use their rankings as marketing material and parents and prospective students make life choices on […]

  The government, labour, business and societal organisations have identified the economic promise of the so-called fourth industrial revolution (4IR) as a focus area to rescue South Africa from its economic paralysis. The plans and proposals presented at a recent session of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) – on what these four […]

In June 2018, King Mswati III put his signature on The Prevention of Organised Crime Act (Poca) and it became law. Among other things, the law aims to “introduce measures to combat organised crime and criminal gang activities; prohibit certain activities relating to racketeering; criminalise certain activities associated with gangs; [and] provide for the recovery […]

A farm in ward 15 of the Msukaligwa Local Municipality in Mpumalanga stretches for thousands of hectares. The farmer has diverse interests, but specialises in forestry, mielies, hay and livestock. His family has been on the farm for decades and employs many of the descendants of the original black landowners. Some are now speaking out, […]

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