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  By Emeline Wuilbercq Feb 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Armed groups have recruited nearly 3,000 children in Central African Republic (CAR) since violence flared over a Dec. 27 election result and more are at risk as aid fails to reach many people driven from their homes, aid workers said. More than 210,000 people have […]

  By Paresh Dave and Jeffrey Dastin Feb 21 (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google fired staff scientist Margaret Mitchell on Friday, they both said, a move that fanned company divisions on academic freedom and diversity that were on display since its December dismissal of AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru. Google said in a statement Mitchell […]

  Feb 21 (Reuters) – Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp said on Thursday it will go ahead with its controversial privacy policy update but will allow users to read it at “their own pace” and will also display a banner providing additional information. In January, the messaging platform informed users it was preparing a new privacy policy, […]

  Norman McKenzie is an independent LGBT+ activist based in Jamaica and Britain “Them fe dead long time.” When a gay man or transgender woman is killed in Jamaica, a police officer or other law official will utter those words in patois. The phase translates as, “Someone should’ve killed them a long time ago.” As […]

  ZURICH, Feb 21 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization on Thursday urged nations producing COVID-19 vaccines not to distribute them unilaterally but to donate them to the global COVAX scheme to ensure fairness. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the plea as China hashes out agreements across Africa, Russia distributes shots in Latin America […]

  The crisis facing nature has never been more apparent. The costs to mankind of our degradation of the natural world have never been more evident. Fortunately, the beginnings of a meaningful response – in the form of a post-2020 global biodiversity framework – is close at hand. But, for that framework to succeed, governments […]

The internal African slave trade was officially abolished in colonial Mali in 1905. But a form of slavery – called “descent-based slavery” – continues today. This is when “slave status” is ascribed to a person, based on their ancestors having allegedly been enslaved by elite slave-owning families. The practice is most prevalent among Mali’s nomadic Tuareg and […]

The African Union (AU) held the 38th Ordinary Session of its Executive Council at the beginning of February 2021. One of the agenda items was to elect six new members of the AU Commission. The Commission is the AU’s secretariat, which carries out its day-to-day operations. These are the first commissioner elections since the Union’s reform process began […]

  Tanzania’s health minister said earlier this month that the country has no plans to procure COVID-19 vaccines. Moina Spooner, an editor with The Conversation Africa, asked Catherine Kyobutungi to explain Tanzania’s COVID-19 response and why it’s problematic. Why has the decision been taken not to vaccinate? Tanzania has had a unique approach to controlling COVID-19. Only a few […]

  The attempt by former South African president Jacob Zuma to destabilise the country’s constitutional order, and defy the rule of law, does not constitute a constitutional crisis as some have claimed. It is, nonetheless, a grave moment for modern South Africa and its fledgling democracy. A former president who, as the Constitutional Court has pointed out, […]

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