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  South African president Cyril Ramaphosa’s testimony before a commission investigating state capture and corruption under his predecessor highlights the extent to which his presidency is mired in the mess left by former president Jacob Zuma. Corruption and abuse of state organs became so widespread on Zuma’s watch that it has become equated to the capture of the state. […]

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to appear before the Zondo Commission of inquiry into corruption in South Africa comes at a delicate time. A great deal hinges on it. When a sitting President appears before a Judicial Commission of Inquiry it is always a significant moment. Sometimes a Commission will be concerned with a failure or with misconduct […]

  Smallholder agriculture is the backbone of food security in many sub-Saharan African households. And women, in particular, play a central role in putting food on the table. However, there is an imbalance between what women put in and what they get out. Women contribute many hours to produce crops for food and for sale. […]

  The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics recently published the country’s unemployment rate for the fourth quarter of 2020, reflecting a continued deterioration during the COVID-19 year. The unemployment rate for this period stood at 33.3%. Ogechi Ekeanyanwu, from The Conversation Africa, asked Ndubisi Nwokoma, an economics professor, to provide the context. How is unemployment measured? Unemployment is when people […]

  New waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in countries, such as Kenya and India, have exposed the poor management of oxygen supplies. Moina Spooner, from The Conversation Africa, asked Professor Trevor Duke, an expert on [oxygen provision] and editor of the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on oxygen therapy for children, to provide insights into what countries, with limited resources, can do to secure […]

By Anuradha Nagaraj CHENNAI, India, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – “I just want to say we all love and miss you,” wrote Sudarshana in an online tribute to her “megastar” grandfather who died aged 81 of COVID-19 in India. Unable to attend the funerals of friends and relatives dying in their thousands from a […]

  Mette Løyche Wilkie is chair of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and director of the forestry division of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and Malgorzata Buszko-Briggs is a senior forestry officer at FAO. With under a decade left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, we face a serious challenge in halting deforestation […]

By Menna A. Farouk CAIRO, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Egypt has toughened penalties for female genital mutilation (FGM), imposing prison terms of up to 20 years in a push to end the ancient practice. It is the second time Egypt’s parliament has cracked down on FGM – which typically involves the removal of […]

    By Sonia Elks LONDON, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Handing 5% of the money rich nations raise from carbon emissions charges to sub-Saharan Africa would counter the impact of rising prices on the world’s poorest people, researchers said on Tuesday. More and more wealthy countries are seeking to impose emissions charges on […]

  By Jack Graham TORONTO, April 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Protecting and restoring nature can reduce the risk of armed conflict around the world, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said on Wednesday. Over the last 30 years, countries have been more prone to conflict when natural resources like agricultural land and […]

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