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  By Lin Taylor LONDON, May 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympic gold medal winner and transgender activist, said on Sunday she did not support trans girls competing in female school sports as world sporting bodies debate whether trans women hold an unfair advantage. Jenner, 71, said trans girls should not […]

Rowlands Kaotcha is Global Vice President and Africa Regional Director at The Hunger Project One of the most challenging parts of managing this pandemic as part of a global organization has been watching as waves of cases crush country after country. Now I am eying India with trepidation. India—like Malawi and much of Africa—had much […]

  Malik Amin Aslam Khan is Pakistan’s Minister of Climate Change and the global vice president of the IUCN. The recently concluded U.S. climate summit aimed to steer the world away from its current warpath with nature and inject positive political momentum into the fight against climate change. The unprecedented virtual congregation of world leaders, […]

  Malcolm Childress is co-director of Prindex and executive director of Global Land Alliance As we celebrate Workers’ Day tomorrow, hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest workers remain trapped in precarious poverty by land inequality and insecurity. Stronger rights and fairer access to land would give the most vulnerable – especially women – the […]

  Since its earliest traces, at least 5,000 years ago, formal education – meaning an education centred on literacy and numeracy – has always been highly selective. Ancient Egyptian priest schools and schools for scribes in Sumeria were only open to the children of the clergy or future monarchs. Later on, the wealthy would use private tutors, such as the Sophists of […]

  School quality is important in determining children’s success at school. But individual characteristics of the child also play a role. In particular, researchers and teachers are starting to pay more attention to the part that social and emotional skills play in academic success. These are also known as character skills or soft skills. This […]

Zimbabwe is one of the African countries that hopes renewable energy technologies will help to address their energy problems. About 42% of Zimbabwe’s households are connected to the electricity grid. The country has huge and diverse renewable energy potential. Its sustainable energy portfolio could include solar, hydro, biomass and, to a limited extent, wind and geothermal. Zimbabwe […]

Chadian President Idriss Déby died in mid-April after more than three decades in power. The army announced that the 68-year-old leader died from injuries inflicted on the battlefield during clashes with rebels in the north of the country. Subsequent to his death, a military junta led by his son, Mahamat Idriss Déby, executed a military coup d’état dissolving the […]

  By Emeline Wuilbercq ADDIS ABABA, April 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Okello Aballa Ognum regularly has to walk deep into the jungles of south-west Ethiopia to treat the water ponds that harbour a debilitating parasitic disease. Painstakingly, he measures the water volume to determine how much chemical treatment to use against copepods, the tiny […]

  The landmark documentary series will follow the stories of the players, coaches and teams from across Africa as they prepare for and compete in the first BAL season DAKAR, Senegal, April 28, 2021/ — The Basketball Africa League (BAL), together with producer and distributor Fremantle, award-winning TRUE DETECTIVE producer Richard Brown and sports marketing […]

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