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Many years ago, talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey had actor Don Cheadle and a couple of other guests on her TV programme to debate racism, including the unresolved question of the N-word. Arguably, by the end of the show, there was no resolution of the status of the word in American society, the country where it has caused […]

If parliament formally approves the nomination of Justice Martha Koome as the next Chief Justice of Kenya and president of the Supreme Court, as is widely expected, she will become the first woman to occupy the seat in Kenya’s history. Justice Martha Koome topped nine other candidates – including two other women – for the job during interviews carried […]

Throughout West Africa, the artisanal fishing sector is a crucial source of livelihoods and food security. For instance, in Nigeria artisanal fishing accounts for 80% of the fish consumed and supports the livelihoods of about 24 million people. Both men and women work in the sector, though the labour – throughout the region – is divided by gender. Men dominate fishing and production while women dominate post-harvest […]

There are few women in political and leadership spaces in Nigeria. Currently only seven out of 109 senators and 22 of the 360 House of Representatives members are women. Ogechi Ekeanyanwu, from The Conversation Africa, asked Damilola Agbalojobi, political scientist and gender specialist, to explain the lack of representation, why it matters and how to remedy it. […]

Philip Ochieng – who has died at the age of 83 – was a celebrated Kenyan editor, author and hard-hitting columnist who made his mark across East Africa. He was an East African par excellence who counted former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa and revered Ugandan academic Mahmood Mamdani among his circle of friends. Ochieng began his journalism […]

As we mark World Press Freedom Day 2021, let us remember that 2020 was terrible for the press in many parts of the world. Two ranking measures – the World Press Freedom Index 2021 and African Media Barometer publications – indicate that journalists globally continued to face multiple challenges. These included intimidation, physical or online harassment, surveillance, disappearance, threats, […]

COVID-19 pushed much of the world into the digital realm for everything from schooling and work to religious worship and dating. At the same time, many governments were turning data connections off. Full or partial shutdowns of the internet and social media are increasingly common parts of the “digital authoritarian” toolkit.Many leaders seem threatened by the way […]

  Earlier this month a court in Burkina Faso’s capital indicted former President Blaise Compaoré for his role in the murder of his comrade, Thomas Sankara, on 15 October 1987. The military court detailed Compaoré’s “complicity in the assassination”, the first time a court in the country has made such an accusation. Compaoré ruled the country until 2014, when he was […]

  By Lin Taylor LONDON, May 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympic gold medal winner and transgender activist, said on Sunday she did not support trans girls competing in female school sports as world sporting bodies debate whether trans women hold an unfair advantage. Jenner, 71, said trans girls should not […]

Rowlands Kaotcha is Global Vice President and Africa Regional Director at The Hunger Project One of the most challenging parts of managing this pandemic as part of a global organization has been watching as waves of cases crush country after country. Now I am eying India with trepidation. India—like Malawi and much of Africa—had much […]

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