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Discovering a hidden gem can change the entire tone of an individuals’ day, in this case, it’s rising R&B talent Some.Unique.Individual (SUI) that could set that change in motion for you. While listening to SUI, it’s easy to get lost in his melodies and vocals as he manages to set a mood of sorts with […]

By Manna Maurice Andile Ngubeni popularly known as Anzo, is set to drop a single this Friday ahead of the release of his EP, 3310. The EP’s title pays homage to the rapper’s hometown in Estcourt KZN by using its postcode. The EP which is set to drop on August 27 serves as the rapper, […]

  On Saturday, August 14 2021, a ground-breaking exhibition opened at the Constitution Hill’s Women’s Jail. The exhibition, which is curated and presented by award-winning reality TV star and transgender activist, Yaya Mavundla will run until September 14, 2021. It is entitled Layers of a Black Transgender Woman and is aimed at amplifying Transgender Visibility […]

By Manna Maurice Who said anything about Friday the 13th being unlucky? With Zahara dropping her 7th studio album, all the spooky & unlucky shenanigans had to take a backseat. Even if you were a victim of the cursed day, a full listen to Nqaba Yam is sure to put a smile on your face & pep […]

The Nigerian film industry, fondly called Nollywood, became popular in the early 1990s, although with more negative attributes than positives. Over the years, the industry has attracted a lot of criticism. Some critics believe that the industry is quantity driven, while shunning quality. Others slated the industry for its budget restrictions, weak plots and repetitive dialogue. […]

In the third decade of the new millennium, despite many publishers still seeing black women’s writing as having a limited market, readers have far more access than before to publications by writers from the global South. In particular, the perspectives of black women are certainly more visible in the public domain. Yet gaps and erasures […]

  Since the Miss South Africa Organisation bought the license to the Miss South Africa pageant in 2019, Transgender women have been able to enter and compete for the country’s most sought-after beauty pageant prize.  For the third successive year, Trans women are eligible to enter the 2021 Miss South Africa pageant. However, in order […]

  Tuesday, May 25, 2021: The search is on for the young woman who will follow in the footsteps of the current Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida, represent her country on the global stage and become one of South Africa’s most prominent ambassadors and influencers. With the phenomenal growth and impact of the Miss South […]

  The South African State Theatre (SAST) and Ster-Kinekor Theatres (SKT) are excited to jointly announce a collaboration to screen theatre content in selected cinema complexes operated by SKT across the country, starting from June 2021. The collaboration comes as cinema giant SKT, and Africa’s largest performance arts complex SAST, are both navigating their ways […]

In 2019, Zimbabwean comedy made international news when comedian Samantha Kureya, known on stage as Gonyeti, was abducted and tortured by masked gunmen. She is one of many comedians in Zimbabwe who have faced violent repercussions for their comedy. Interviewing 23 stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe in 2018 and 2019, I was made aware of how several comedians had been intimidated, harassed or arrested […]

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