The Parlotones release cinematic music video for brand new single “Antidote”

Written by on July 19, 2019

The Parlotones release their latest single “Antidote” from the current studio album “China” and drop with it a brilliant cinematic Siren inspired music video.

The bands 20th anniversary in 2018 sees a brand new studio album titled ‘CHINA’ released both locally and internationally on 20 July 2018. Recorded over a four month period at High Seas Studios in Johannesburg, the creative process commenced with lead singer Kahn spending a period of time in England with a selection of renowned songwriters to establish the path the album would take.

Written by Parlotones member Rob Davidson, “Antidote” plays with a dark theme while wrapped in an upbeat 80’s inspired feel. Davidson delves into the writing and production of the song, adding: “The song tackles the theme of ‘last chances’ and admitting fault in one’s self. It pleads for one more shot at being the person the other one deserves by changing their selfish ways and growing as a person. Originally written as a piano ballad, it took on an 80’s synth pop vibe reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode to create a more upbeat song but with a darker undertone. It asks for forgiveness but also knows you have to sleep in the bed you made.” 

The music video adds a brilliant visual scape to the song with the concept inspired by the lyrics taken from the chorus. “The idea came from the lyrics ‘You’re the ocean, I’m the sea. You’re the voice that calls to me’, which in my opinion represented the lust struggles of the Sirens and sailors,” explains Music Video Director, Ryan du Toit from Dutwaa Creative Agency+. He continues, saying “The story to be told was a reflection of love struggles in today’s life, which is shown in the video by visualising ‘capture, lust, allure, death and entrapment’. During the video the idea was to show all the past lovers dead in the water, but all warning signs are ignored. A man set on course to find love no matter the consequences.”

The Parlotones are renowned for delivering incredible music videos and the same is to be said for “Antidote”.

The video was filmed on location in Sasolburg in a container which was converted into a water tank. With so many cleverly worked shots and scenes around the concept, one is an interesting addition. While watching the “Antidote” music video, the viewer will see the Siren releasing eggs from her mouth. What happens here? Du Toit clears it all up. “In order to crudely show ‘an act of lust and sex’ without having sex – the Siren passes eggs from her mouth in order to impregnate his thoughts that she’s the one or ‘trust me – I love you’. The Egg scene also shows how generally weak men are when a woman unfolds her beauty. Eventually a story unfolds of a Siren who lustfully attracts a man into her world. It seems she gets captured by him or ‘kept’, but who is the one being captured? Unfortunately for the man it turns out to be himself and he suffers like her past lovers…… DEATH BY LOVE.”

Fortunately for The Parlotones, they have not been captured and will be travelling across SA following the release of “Antidote” for their “The Unplugged(Ish) Tour”. Fans will get to see the band perform at special intimate shows around South Africa in support of the release of The Parlotones’ “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” Unplugged(ish) album, which is available on digital pre-order now and out digitally & on CD on Friday 26th July.


Watch the Antidote music video below:

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