The “JERUSALEMA” Dispute

Written by on July 13, 2021

By Manna Maurice

 Jerusalema a song by DJ and record producer, Master KG featuring singer and songwriter, Nomcebo has become a local and international hit song since its release in November of 2019.

Garnering success in streams and sales, the single has become akin to an anthem around the world capturing the ears and hearts of millions through its infectious tune.

Some global statistics include; selling diamond in France, going 3x Platinum in Switzerland and Italy, as well as 2x Platinum in Spain and Platinum in Belgium.

With all the recording-breaking sales and streams, not to mention, the global recognition that the song has received it would be safe to assume that the parties responsible for the hit would be well compensated, this is not, however, the case apparently.

Lead vocalist on Jerusalem, Nomcebo (full name, Nomcebo Nkwanyana/Zikode) has recently posted a statement on her Twitter account claiming that the record label in charge of the single, Open Mic Productions had not compensated her at all for her role on the song.

The 35-year-old songstress tweeted further that she has suffered from ridicule and cannot stay silent about the matter any longer, stating that she left the matter in the hands of her lawyers

While there was no mention of Master KG (real name, Kgaogelo Moagi) in Nomcebo’s tweets, that did not stop the 25-year-old DJ from receiving a backlash of his own due to this revelation.

Master KG had been quick to respond in his defence tweeting that Nomcebo had done a Jerusalem tour without him and that when he tried to do the same, Nomcebo had reported to the media that she was being left behind.


KG tweeted further that the original agreement had been a 50/50 split between the two of them; however, Nomcebo had been in favor of a 70/30 split.


Open Mic Records are yet to comment publically on the matter and with the magnitude of the single, it is safe to say that the parties involved are in for a potentially tumultuous ordeal should the matter be handled legally which looking like a possibility as indicated by Nomcebo.  

All images accessed from Master KG & Nomcebo’s Twitter and Instagram.

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