SUI drops “LUKEWARM”: A Review

Written by on August 18, 2021

LUKEWARM cover art
Image source: Twitter @Sui_ptm

Discovering a hidden gem can change the entire tone of an individuals’ day, in this case, it’s rising R&B talent Some.Unique.Individual (SUI) that could set that change in motion for you. While listening to SUI, it’s easy to get lost in his melodies and vocals as he manages to set a mood of sorts with his delivery.

SUI has recently dropped a 2-piece single called LUKEWARM. The production on both of the tracks had been composed by the late Kupakwashe “Kay-Esco” Kambasha, who delivers smooth instrumentals that blend well with SUI’s vocals.

The first track FYRE featuring Emily Drew has some impressive vocal performances from both SUI and Emily. SUI’s verse especially on the song is well welcomed due to the boredom caused by the generic and unmemorable hook. Emily’s verse is delivered quite pleasantly; her voice could be likened to Lykki Li or Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, very indie and a great addition to the song.

Some.Unique.Individual (SUI)
Image source: Instagram @sui_ptm

The second track of the single is called ISSUES. Once again, on this track, the production and SUI’s vocal performance go together like a house on fire. The instrumental is laced with warm guitar strings and bass, and SUI singing here is frankly likened to Nick Murphy’s. A much lower, and intimate performance is the listener treated to on this one, and it provides the perfect background for rendezvous. The entire R&B mixed with indie is the feeling that is prevalent in these tracks, while this aesthetic may be fruitful for the time being, SUI would do well to experiment with his vocals to avoid monotony. Aside from that, this is an artist to add to your “undiscovered gems” playlist, with LUKEWARM being the first release of the year for SUI fans and new listeners alike can only hope for more.

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