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Smoking Dragon New Year’s Eve Festival is the original and signature festival in the Smoking Dragon Festivals’ stable. It started as an informal gathering to entertain hostel guests at Amphitheatre International Backpackers Lodge over New Year’s Eve 13 years ago.

 The festival sets emphasis on representing musicians from a wide variety of genres. This year’s installment sees 7 distinct music zones, each with their own identity offering a wide range of sounds and experiences which appeal to a diverse audience.

We had the opportunity to chat with Daz aka Just Panga, founder and custodian of the DUB WAGON, which will be presenting one of the 7 stages at this year’s festival.


– From his early days as a Battle MC in the underground Hip-Hop scene to finding his rhythm and a sense of horizon through the bassweight riddims endemic to Dub ; Just Panga shares his DUB WAGON stage with the SMOKING DRAGON world.


DUB WAGON Quintessentially a Dub Movement.


All musical rivers flow to the ‘’ocean of dub’’ likewise the DUB WAGON blocks no creed, no genre of personage. All inclusive in and of itself, its implementation is set to band together people from every demographic, young and old can find themselves enveloped comfortably in BASSWEIGHT riddims.Overall, It is to be a love induced and conscious experience,opening up a platform for those involved to present their personal reflection and perspective of the various cultures associated with Dub music.


Carefully curated by Just Panga to invoke a feeling beyond a conscious movement. The future of Africa and its Diaspora all encapsulated in a single line up..


As a sonic depiction, Dub is an electronic musical derivative of reggae from the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is commonly considered a subgenre of reggae, though it has developed to extend beyond that style.Arguably the progenitor to most form.


An introduction to breaks, drops, loops, reverbs, echo and delays.


The influence of the DUB WAGON stage leans against the different yet related multidisciplinary artforms(genres) curated into one. Moreso it represents Hip-Hop, Dubstep. Reggae, Drum n Bass,Dancehall, Trip Hop, Lo-fi, Illbient,Chill wave, Half Step,Dub-Hop,BoomBap, and the like.

Dub music celebrates old Africa while invoking hopes of New Africa’s promise of freedom and advancement through its technologically “Futureprimative” sound and make up.

“We don’t expect the narrative to change to fit our sound. We just hope there’s a seat at the table as we seek to open up the narrative,and aspire to broaden the narrative to include us. Dub Wagon seeks to re-emphasize a missing link.

DUB WAGON stage is home to some of Africa’s pioneers, including HIP-HOP artists such as HYMPHATIC THABS, POWER OF THOUGHT, DON DADA and many many more with various activities beyond just the music including breakdancing, graffiti artists battle rap knockouts competition from the 30 Dec 2022 – 02 Jan 2023 at Smoking Dragon, Amphitheatre Lodge.

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