SA MUSICIAN MAJOZI IS ‘Falling’ in deep

Written by on November 23, 2020

Majozi’s recently released single, ‘Falling, now has a beautiful lyric video.  ‘Falling’ is a deep declaration of love and vulnerability disguised under the guise of a nostalgic pop song. The single was produced by two long-time collaborators, Aston Wylie and Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg, and features Indie-Pop singer Mikhaela Faye on backing vocals.

Falling is about always being there for the person you love, through everything. The song was written for my girlfriend who has been living through anxiety and depression amongst other mental health disorders, but it’s also for everybody who needs a reminder that through tough times there is going to be someone close to you willing to simply just be there. There may be nothing you can do to relieve the pain and uncertainty, but one thing I know I can do is always be there for her, just like you can be there for someone in your life, or accept someone being there with you through the storms, and that’s my intention from now until eternity. To consistently always show up.

If you struggle with mental health, please know you are not alone and there is hope in healing. Everyone’s journey is different, the intensities, the frequency, the highs and the lows, the dissociation, the misunderstandings, the journey, but know through all of it, you are still loved. Mental Health does not change who you are, it might just try hide it for a while, but you are still you, and loved and cherished.Patience, compassion and love can go a long way in being there for people in your life.Trigger warning: if you have suffered or suffer from a mental health disorder and reading about symptoms and progress triggers you, please do not read the next four paragraphs (until the stars)***

We want to tell you this story because we hope you are able to see that hope exists and there can be healing, please don’t get discouraged, we know everyone’s lives are different and their time to heal as well, where you’re at is ok, you are not a failure, time is on your side. Just over a year ago my girlfriend couldn’t even string a full sentence together, look at a computer screen, write an email, barely laugh or smile, had multiple panic attacks a day, she couldn’t think, process, or even create (which is what she loves to do). We experienced how so much is taken away from a person through this journey, but also how so much can be restored and gained. Two months ago she came up with an idea for this video and then created then brought it to life. From conceptualising, to hand painting the background and objects, digitising and animating them, going through our archives of videos and editing them together, typing the lyrics, making it all cohesive, she made this whole video you’re watching. I am beyond proud of how she has overcome such dark times, grown through it all and helped others. A year ago if she made it out of bed and maybe had three meals a day, it was a good day. She still has some bad days but they’re less than what they used to be, and we are so grateful to God for that. Every day little by little there has been healing. No small step goes unnoticed. There is healing. It may not happen instantly but please know it is possible.***************

Let’s talk about mental health more openly, let’s be there for each other. If you need someone to talk to, or would like to better educate yourself, please contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) If you’d like to follow me on socials:


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