One On One With #TheGetUp’s T.Y

Written by on December 19, 2019


Question 1:  What are your highlights for the year 2019?


Question 2: If you could interview anyone on your show who would it be?



Question 3: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given yourself in preparation for the year 2019?



Question 4: Who is your favourite Transafrica radio on-air personality or off-air and why?



Question 5: If you were a club DJ for one-night, what songs would be on your set to get the party rocking?



Question 6: What are your plans for the festive season?



Question 7: What are your hopes and dreams for 2020?



Question 8: What is the kindest thing you have done for someone this year?



Question 9: Who do you consider your ride or die listener on your show?



Question 10: What do most people not know about you?


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