#NewVideoAlert – Zinah Releases Brand New Music Video For “Ever Been”

Written by on July 17, 2019

Zinah has been enjoying success on radio with her latest single “Ever Been” and today reveals the sexy music video for the track.
The music video for “Ever Been” received its first official play on TRACE URBAN yesterday, July 16th, and today sees it launched online for all to enjoy.

Filmed by acclaimed director, Matthew Marinus, this is the 2nd music video Zinah has filmed with Marinus (the previous being “Fever”), who was joined again by camera assistant and editor, Matthew Hudson.

Zinah absolutely loved working with Marinus again. “Matt is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met and on top of that he just understands what I want and what looks great on camera. Matt also knows my boundaries, although I pushed my own in this video. He understood what I was trying to bring across. I’m forever grateful for his work and input in my life.”

Marinus brought to the video exactly what Zinah was looking for and her performance in the music video highlights it. “My job with any artist is to bring their vision to life. Zinah was very clear about where she wanted to go with the video and I just took that into the direction whilst on set. Zinah is born to be on TV and this video shows it.”

Zinah unearths a sexual side that’s a new level of confidence for her, celebrating a beauty and inner love that every woman needs. “If I’m being honest, I didn’t know I had a sexy side and no one will believe it when I say that. But for this video, I really pushed myself. I wanted to be the sexy woman I thought I could be, so I channeled my inner sexual being. It’s also a love for your own body and that’s how I expressed it. It looks like it worked! It comes with being yourself and being happy in your own skin. That was the journey for me, finally being comfortable in my skin,” and Zinah fully embraces it in this brilliant new music video.

Give thanks to yourself and embrace your unique beauty, and make yourself feel better than you’ve “Ever Been”.

Watch the music video “Ever Been” below:

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