Neon Dreams Release New Song: Say it Out Loud Featuring Mthandazo Gatya

Written by on September 22, 2021


Kadillac and Morris were inspired to become Goodwill Ambassadors for The Justice Desk. Image: Supplied

Neon Dreams, a Canadian alt-pop duo, have released their single Say it Out Loud that features the vocals of South African artist Mthandazo Gatya. Gatya was brought on board after the success of the band’s Life Without Fantasies single that peaked at #2 behind his single Senzeni.

After hearing Mthandazo’s single, Kadillac understood why his single was #1

“It was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard before, this guy’s voice sounded like it was the earth singing, “noted Frank Kadillac.

While on their awakening tour in South Africa, the duo became Goodwill Ambassadors for The Justice Desk, a nonprofit organization that strives to teach the youth about human rights, so that they can defend those rights. The band became ambassadors as a way of paying forward the hope and confidence that they received from their South African tour.

The group cemented themselves as a voice for the next generation, through their 2019 album, Sweet Dream till Sun Beam, which has 9 uplifting songs about not fitting in and overcoming adversity. Kadillac has been battling mental setbacks through meditation.

While in South Africa, Frank went on his most eye-opening retreat yet, The Blue Butterfly. While there, he noticed how insects try to emulate a majestic butterfly and likened this to humans.

Neon Dreams’ Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris with SA artist Mthandazo Gatya Image: Supplied

“Just from this simple observation and many others, I realise that we are all chasing a blue butterfly, that butterfly is your dreams, hope, love, redemption and so many other things,” noted the artist.

Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris are focusing on one of their favourite things about being in a band, which is connecting with fans around the world on a more personal level.

Fans can follow Neon Dreams on social media and stream Say It Out Loud on all streaming platforms.

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