Moonchild Sanelly & Sad Night Dynamite drop “Demon”

Written by on October 6, 2021

It appears as South Africa’s own Moonchild Sanelly is set for world domination is she is fast becoming a global sensation. Her raw authenticity is craved by numerous household names such as Beyoncé, the Gorrilaz, Wizkid, & Diplo, & to add to that list, Somerset’s electro, hip-hop, & jazz sensation, Sad Night Dynamite.

The song encapsulates something that you would hear on a night out. SND fuses hip-hop and electro sounds to create a beat that may be dreary but is also very bouncy & in touch with house roots. Moonchild’s performance on the track is enjoyable, she delivers her patented playful, youthful flow, & can bring the energy that garnered her the success she enjoys today in full force. SND’s vocal performance is the highlight of the track, the techno-sounding delivery the duo offer, blends well with the production of the track, giving the track the feel of something different & familiar at the same time.

In the PR release by, Melissia Conradie agency, the artists had the following to say about working together:

“It was amazing to work with the guys on this track,” says Moonchild Sanelly. “I love their sound and when I heard their twisted instrumental, I knew I needed to write about this Demon that was in my life at the time – a very real and dark experience I was going through. It’s great how the guys developed the story and sound, especially as this was a deep one for me. It’s great to work with people with such a different sound who are across the globe feeling the same things about someone!”

Sad Night Dynamite, meanwhile, started work on ‘Demon “after moon’s verse gave Josh a nightmare in which he was on trial for being a witch. In the end, it turned out he wasn’t one, but by that point, it was too late, they’d already drowned him. We’ve been big fans of Moonchild for a minute now. We love her music and what she stands for. The energy she brought with ‘Demon’ was so unique. Collabing with her was a no brainer.”

Demon is an exciting, original, and intoxicating song that leaves the listener hoping for more collaborations from these artists, definitely worth a listen.

Visuals take from: @moonchildsanelly & @sadnightdynamite

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