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Written by on October 6, 2021

Lucasraps finally drops his debut album after months of anticipation. The young Cape Town-born, Durban-raised emcee has been causing a stir in the rap game in recent memory and is well known for his singles and collaborations with fellow artists such as Blxckie, Riky Rick, & Dj Maphorisa. With Lucas finally dropping a full project, fans are now treated to hearing what he sounds like on a full-length project, & honestly, was it worth the wait?

From the onset with the intro track, Lucas Raps it is clear what the listener can expect going forward. High-tempo, rappity raps, with lively production with lyrical content based on flexing over a flow that is to average Hip-Hop listener, fairly recognizable. Lucasraps (real name, Luke Duncan Malong) may fall victim to this mold in most cuts of the album, however, those rare instances in which a more authentic sound can be enjoyed showcases the potential that the young artist has.

In the Whole Thing (Extended), Frank Casio raps “when you get to a level that’s rare, it’s only fair for them to compare you to so & so”, this adage is very applicable to Lucasraps. While listening to the album, it is clear to hear influences from other artists that are so blatantly that you simply cannot help but think to yourself “haven’t I heard this before?”. Being a young artist, it’s only fair to draw inspiration from the artists that you listen to, & this is evident in Lucas’s debut album as the sound is very raw and almost unpolished. They are diamonds in the rough, but the rough is still there.

The diamonds come in the form of tracks like Mud, the closing track Preach, & the track Lucas. From the album, these cuts are the tracks in which Lucas showcases creativity and talent, rapping more personally and delivering solid performances, one can only hope that he continues to head in a sonic direction as he has refreshing vocals that pair well with slow trap instrumentals. This album is featureless, which can be understandable given that it’s his first album, however with the vibe that he seems to be going with, a few features could have improved the overall listening experience.

The rough includes tracks such as the intro track Lucas, the tracks that follows Project Made Freestyle, & the track that follows that as well, South. Each track has some decent production but Lucas’s performance at times is generic and unmemorable.

The songs are decent from a commercial point of view, however, lack an authentic appeal that sets Lucasraps from the style that he borrowing from. Without Me has a pretty lazy hook and there isn’t anything memorable about Ammo except the awesome grimey production. These sections of the album sound like what your father thinks the kids are getting jiggy to. It oozes that raw young trap sounding hip-hop that the raves are thirsty for. Being able to balance the rave and listener could take Lucasraps further and for a debut project, it leaves the listener wanting more.

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Rating: 6/10

Favorite tracks: Mud, Preach, Lucas

Least Favourite tracks: Project Mode Freestyle, Without Me, South, Lucas Rap

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