Center for Less Good enhances thinking process through fragments of text

Written by on August 5, 2020

The Centre for the Less Good Idea is creating a second series of ‘The Long Minute’.

In the middle of 2020 the world is faced with a continued need for physical distancing. As a result, the Center  for the less good aims to continue receiving and sharing ‘The Long Minute’ videos by both the artists involved at the Centre as well as artists around the world who are following the process and are interested in joining the dialogue over the course of August and September 2020.

The invitation is to share an intriguing 52second piece/fragment/moment of process and practice. The Centre is able to offer some basic editing assistance should needed while also curating these daily posts with  the aim to create a continued dialogue, a call and response to one another from  homes all over the country and world.

The Long Minute encourages  thinking  processes with the  fragments of text, performance, image, and dance as provocations and prompts to one another over this physically isolated period. Remembering how often we find ourselves starting with what feels like a good idea, in the mind’s eye it seems crystal clear and perhaps even has profound meaning, but when you take it off the proverbial drawing board, cracks and fissures emerge in its surface, and they cannot be ignored. It is following the secondary ideas, those ‘less good ideas’ coined to address the first idea’s cracks, that the Centre nurtures, arguing that in the act of playing with an idea, you can recognises those things you didn’t know in advance but knew somewhere inside of you. take a look at the  existing Long Minutes shared by the Centre and

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