J Molley Drops Almost Dead

Written by on March 18, 2022

J Molley returns with his newest album, Almost Dead, a 10-track featureless LP that delves deep into Molley’s mind state, personal struggles, & lifestyle. The album was led up to by the singles Up To & Soaring.

The former being a rather drawn-out cut venturing into the jilted lover narrative which Molley is very much accustomed to, & the latter being an unexpectedly passable drill-beat attempt that fails to fit within the structuring of the rest of the project when listened to and shouldn’t have made the final cut.

J Molley has been in the game for some time now and has managed to carve out a lane for himself since coming up with his fellow TreeHouse peers, this drop comes after his 2020 album All Is Fair In Lover & War, & through the running time of Almost Dead a noticeable growth and openness can be heard in the music.

The project is laced with various snippets that address mental health issues, really going to show just how intimate the project is to Molley as he flows about past drug addiction, encounters with the law, and bouts with depression. The album starts out with the slow, dark, druggy & deary track Rumors, where Molley flexes the 2016 flow that made himself a household name, though the track is an example of the authentically addictive J Molley sound, it doesn’t serve well as an opener to the album given the theme & predominant subject matter.

The rest of the project when listened to makes it understandable why Molley elected not to have features, as it’s a very “Molley-centric” album, even the trap bangers still are loaded with lines bound to raise an eyebrow or two. The track Still is Molley at his best, insane flow over even more insane production, very bass-heavy and catchy as well. Armed & Dangerous, as well as Rehab, are also highlights of the album as they showcase some of the hood pharmacist’s best performances.

The album closes out with the track Heaven, backed up with a smooth instrumental, the track is a fitting end that wraps up the experience nicely with the overall message of how important having love around is. All in all, the album is worth a listen as while it is built of many modern traits that are prevalent in hip-hop today that subject the genre to controversy, it is also a raw, unapologetic album that is compelling at least and captivating at most. It’s safe to say the hood pharmacist is going to have the game hooked for a while.

Best Tracks: Still, Rehab, Crime Pays
Worst Track: Up To

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