New Music Alert! SA rapper Kwesta collaborates with Elandre and Refentse on #”Old Town Road”

A catchy South African version of Kwesta’s new collaboration with Sony music mates Elandre and Refentse was released on Tuesday and has been posted by the performers on their social media.

The cover initiative is one that has been greeted with excitement and delight in South Africa, with some fans calling it an instant classic.


According to a report by AfroInsider, Of this group of three kwesta is clearly preeminent. A double-platinum selling artiste, he has charmed South Africa with a wave of hit tracks since he made it to the music scene in the country.  Notable tracks of his include “Vur Vai” and “Spirit.

With songs such as “Reisiger,” “Sonvanger” and “Anoret,” Refentse is not doing badly as a musician. The same may be said of Elandré, who has songs like “Honderd Duisend Maal” and  “Rhinestone Cowboy Medley” to his credit.

The original version of this hit song was done by American rapper Lil Nas X and topped the charts all over the world, along with the remix which features Billy Ray Cyrus.

By Ziyanda Yono