young Nigeria Afro Pop musician, Mr Dutch releases #”Better Soup”


Bright Ukpabi (born June 26, 1989), better known as ‘Mr. Dutch’ is a young afro-pop musician, who at a young age had strong passion for music but never had the opportunity to live his passion. Nov 15, 2017 Mr. Dutch made his music debut in Nigeria with the release of his first official single titled ‘Carry Go.’

Mr. Dutch is here with a new Banging tune, #’Better Soup’ comprising of a unique mix of afrobeat fusion rooted in the roots of high life music of the igbo culture in the East of Nigeria.

In the production Mr Dutch also worked with Eastern Nigerian music legends like ChiefStephen Osita Osadebe, Oliver De Coque and many more birthed the #”BetterSoup” Sound.

The song describes the sophistication and uniqueness of an African woman as an expensive special African Soup delicacy.

Mr. Dutch thinks music is meant to pass a message, heal people, make people happy and feel good. He feels that music is life, it brings about unity and love amidst people from different regions, religions and cultures. His goal is to create sounds that come from deep inside of him, he believes music is the art of creativity, the art of sending out a message and expressing oneself. Making music for him is like painting a picture for yourself and others.

By Ziyanda Yono