#New Music Alert! Skhanda God, KO drops new single and video for “SupaDupa”

Johannesburg, March 14: Formerly known as Ntokozo Mdluli and through his magnificent talent of being a rapper, songwriter, businessman and and Hip-Hop artist with hits such as “Caracara” have gained him the title of being Skhanda God/MrCashtime.

A former member of  90’s hip-hop group, Teargas which released its debut album titled K’shubile K’bovu in 2006, followed by Wafa Wafa in 2008, Dark or Blue in 2009 and Num8er Num8er in 2012.

K.O has finally dropped the most anticipated single and video of his #”Supa Dupa” song and the single is the first off from his upcoming album Vokals.

#”Supa Dupa” is accompanied by an outstanding artwork of visuals the music video offers different scenery it features animations and various locations that shows different types of people all looking to be on a hype move.

The song seems to tell a story about how Joburg has a lot of people who act like snakes and how he must act safe to protect himself from the venomous snakes bites.

By Ziyanda Yono