Ghana’s King of the Youth, Kwesi Arthur Wants to Take African Hip-Hop Global

Ghana, March 15 (OkayAfrica): Kwesi Arthur headed to a local gas station in Accra before his set at #Afrochella, one of Ghana’s biggest music festivals. Links up with a gang of bikers doing wheelies with four wheelers and dirt bikes. All the attention is on Kwesi and he catches up with the bikers like old friends. The atmosphere feeling like North Philadelphia.

While most artists start a festival set by simply walking on stage, Kwesi is committed to giving his fans something special. He and the group of 10 bikers enter the event gates to head straight to the stage pit and into the festival. People greeted him and immediately flocked from fans to friends, before he started his set with his latest release, “#Africa Girl”.

The crowd screamd in excitement and sings the lyrics word for word although the song was only released a few weeks prior, an illustration of Kwesi’s immense impact on Ghanaian youth culture.

While hip-hop has been long associated with its roots in America, there is a new class of African artists participating in the genre. Leading this new wave is 24-year-old musician Kwesi Arthur, a hip-hop and afrobeats recording artist from Tema, Ghana.

Source: OkayAfrica