Nigerian Artist Dennis Osadebe Dabbles In 3D Printing for His First Sculpture Piece

Dennis Osadebe, an artist from Nigeria continues to push the envelope with his standout pop-art style.

This Nigerian mixed-media artist stepped into the echelons of the art of sculpturing with his new mastered craft, Stand For Something—seen as a declaration of his Neo-Africa movement.

Speaking to Okay Africa he was asked, “What do you stand for? What does that say about you? For me, Neo Africa is a cause worth standing for,” the artist says in his statement about the piece.

“The Neo Africa movement is one that is near and dear to my heart, connecting back to these questions I ask myself again and again: What is African art? Who gets to define it? What are its limits? And where is it going?”

In his creative combination of street style (yes, the bust is rocking a durag for the culture) with the traditional (the Mask, which is a constant in his work), #Stand For Something is a reflection of the Nigeria Osadebe knows today—a Nigeria of progress.

“I have also taken a fresh look at the Mask through the use of colour, textures and style of production”, said Dennis.

According to a report by OkayAfrica, #Stand For Something was made in collaboration with Unique Board—a New York-based platform that collaborates with visual artists to create limited edition, 3D-printed sculptures.

Osadebe continues to ruminate and think critically about his view of the world and his place in it.

By Ziyanda Yono

Original Source: OkayAfrica