Vimbai Zimuto stirs controversy in Zimbabwe

Provocative Netherlands-based Zimbabwean singer Vimbai Zimuto has begun an intense debate with a cheeky photograph, posing in the nude, supplementing her condolences message to the victims of the Ethiopian Airways crash.

According to Zimbabwe’s Daily News, her post drew fierce criticism with some describing it as inappropriate for a condolence message.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust may all the people who perished on Ethiopian airlines rest in peace. May all their families cry with hope. May they be comforted by the most high,” she wrote.

But Zimuto has defended her photograph as art.

“There is no immorality in art. Art is expressive in every way possible. Even sex is art. You have to be very expressive to enjoy it.

“It doesn’t affect me a bit. The more people talk the better, whether positive or negative. That’s the impact of art,” she said.