Ntokozo Botjie is leaving Transafrica Radio

Re-Up presenter Ntokozo Botjie is leaving TransAfrica Radio after nearly 5 exciting years of dropping mega hits and wowing fans across Africa. Ntokozo and I had a brief discussion about his time at TransAfrica Radio.

Read on.

Tell us about the time you joined TransAfrica Radio

I found about TAR through friends who were interning and hosting a show on the Station in 2012.

In 2014, I came to the station to visit Mind. During his show, I met Mike Politis, who was about leave the station and needed a replacement.

Fortunately, I was carrying my Demo, and the station managers agreed to listen to it.

They liked it and said they would get back to me.

But before I even started working at TAR, Bong would call me to confirm certain things relating to signal transmission. That is how my relationship with TAR started.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, I met the big bosses for a meeting and I was hired as Technical Producer.

What were your expectations?  

I had no expectations; instead I was really excited to have finally gotten a job two years after finishing college. I was really excited and it was everything I wanted.

How have you grown as an on-air presenter / DJ?

Immensely, like nobody’s business. You are only as good as your last show. We always push ourselves at TAR.

Your favourite outside broadcasts?

The Edgars Active Jabari Launch, the Most Awards, Thabsie Album Launch, and the UMG & Native Rhythms Artist showcase.

Your favourite interviews?

Emtee, Sjava & Saudi, Simmy, Huddah Monroe, Nick Mutuma, M-anifest, Sean Tizzle, DJ Spinall, Batk, okMalumKoolkat, Kid Tini, Victoria Kimani, Zonke and a whole lot more.

Your favourite show on TransAfrica Radio?

All of them, I have watched them grow and shine, so it’s had to pick.

Your favourite listener?

Also very tricky, every single person that took their time to listen and engage with us On-Air. I appreciate them.

Your favourite moment on air?

Batuk surprised me with a B Day Gift during an interview with them in studio.

Your funniest moment?

When Huddah Monroe mistakenly said “one of her boyfriends” in an interview on TheReUp because she forgot it was an interview.

Your saddest moment?

Finding out Yemi Alade could not make it for an interview. Finally got it done via telephone though

Your view on the state of African music?

We are at a great position to take over the Pop World and show the Globe we are a force to reckoned with, most definitely on the rise internationally.

And what’s next for Ntokozo Botjie? 

My next is what I have always been trying to do: take over the World using Music. That’s the game plan, but only God Knows.