LMPC on shifting the culture, making it big

Namibian rapper LMPC is basking in hip-hop glory after the success of his much awaited mixtape, “Safe”.

The offering, which was released last month, has achieved 10 000 streams on SoundCloud.

Speaking to a local daily, The Namibian, LMPC elaborated on his contribution to hip-hop.

“I do hip-hop, R&B and Afro beats. It is a perfect blend and I believe I embodied all of that on ‘Safe’,” he said.

“Before I decide to release my debut album, I first need to do things that will shift the culture. There needs to be extreme hype about me, I need to be able to sell music and be untouchable.”

“I am the leader of the kids. I am probably the most streamed artist on SoundCloud in Namibia. I have 185 000 streams overall. I have close to 10 000 streams right now for my latest body of work, but if it was an album for purchase, I do not believe I was going to sell 10 000 units.”

“The path I am taking is going to take time because I want to do groundbreaking things,” said LMPC.”

“I can’t just drop an album, however, my fans can look forward to at least three music videos from the ‘Safe’ project and another mixtape later in the year,” he promised.