It’s Moona’s time to shine

Moona is a Benin-Senegalese artist-musician who has been playing in hip hop since 2001.

Born October 10, 1983, her family environment predestined her to consider if not an artistic career, at least a musical adventure. Indeed, her father, musician, lover of jazz and classical music, was an inspiration.

Influenced in her early childhood by musical styles such as Ragtime, rhythm & blues, soul, African variety and world music; there was nothing to suggest that Moona, who also plays the piano, would direct her choice towards rap. When asked, she simply says, “cuz I feel hip hop! “.

A lawyer by training, it is, not without pain, but with a lot of determination that she knew how to combine studies and music.

Check her out spitting mad rhymes on her latest single “Il est temps” – it’s time.