Lioness comes of age

Namibia’s 1st Mistress of Rap has come of age on her journey from Underground rapper to the forefront of super-stardom.

She’s rocked the Red Bull Festival, the Windhoek Spring Fiesta, and earned herself a coveted spot on Coke Studio Africa and channel K24TV in Kenya in December.

“The season was an all-female one and they selected me as one of the five artists. I hadn’t known any of this yet. When the decision was made, Paul Da Prince called me saying: ‘Look at your phone!’”

“I waited for the call and it was the guys from Coke Studio! First I thought it was a joke, and frankly, I was bewildered because I didn’t know what it was about. I was asked if my passport was valid and told that I would be going to the studio. I almost fainted, then I laughed, cried and repeated it! Being chosen without any knowledge really humbled me so much.”

“We got in the studio at 07h00 and left past midnight. We had a set schedule for everything and it was all punctual. I can’t disclose who I worked with, but you all will probably love it.”

She also made it to K24TV, Kenya’s first ever 24-hour network. “K24 is huge. I was so honoured,” Lioness said. “I’m used to being in front of the camera back home but I was nervous because this was a totally new audience. They had all my material and were so professional.”

On her plans for 2019?

“I don’t want to disclose too much but big things are happening for me and Namibia. It still feels like a dream,” she said.

“I will be releasing some visuals and continue to expand my charity and expertise on music to other artists.”