Opinion Post: Cycle Your Way Into A Healthy Life

Over the past decade, the number of people biking to work has increased in many parts of the world. More people are embracing bike-friendly policies and programs, making it safer for people to integrate cycling into their modes of transportation. Biking to work can be tremendously beneficial, not only for your health, but also for the environment. Here are seven reasons why you might want to consider biking to work.

1. Perfect Opportunity for Exercise:

Cycling is a very good exercise regime, that can help you improve your health status. Studies show that cyclists lose an average of 15 pounds after the first year of biking. Biking gives you an excellent chance to work out especially if you have a tight work schedule and family commitments. You will not need to set some additional time exclusively for exercising.
For people who are battling excess weight issues, biking can be a perfect starting exercise since it will not be hard on your joints and will get the job done.

2. Beat the Traffic Jams:

In most major towns and cities, people spend a lot of time on the road “stuck in traffic” when commuting to/from work. With most working-class people traveling only a few kilometers to work, cycling can actually take less time than driving. Biking can help you get to your workplace more quickly and for a lot less.

3. You Will Save A Lot:

In addition to the ever-changing fuel prices, maintaining a car is also quite expensive. According to recent studies, the cost of owning a car is on the rise at a rate of almost 2% per year. On the other hand, maintaining a bike is a lot cheaper.
It is practically free if you can do the servicing by yourself, also bikes have zero parking fees.

4. Communicable Disease Risk from Public Transport:

You are more likely to contract skin diseases or respiratory diseases from public transport. Commuters who use a public means of transportation are always at higher risk. If you use a bicycle to commute to work, you will breathe fresh air, which does your body a whole lot of good.

5. Easy to Hire:

Even though average bikes retail at an affordable price, you really don’t need to own one. Nowadays, bike-share programs are sprouting up across cities and allow you to hire a bike for a small yearly fee.

6. Breathe Fresh Air:

Drivers and passengers are more vulnerable to inhaling emissions from vehicles than cyclists. As you cycle, you will get a chance to enjoy fresh air and savour the serene environment as you travel to work.

7. Cycling is More Convenient:

Biking is very convenient even though a lot of people dispute this fact. With a bike, you won’t suffer the hassle of searching for parking or getting stuck in impromptu road checks. Issues of traffic will be a thing of the past.
In addition to this, you will find it easier to carry your work tools or even lunch without the fear that you will lose them.

Image: Pinterest