Cannabis Possession Cases To Be Reviewed In Court

These are good news for those facing trial for being caught in possession of marijuana. Hawks boss Godfrey Lebeya has told Parliament all cases of marijuana possession will be reviewed. This follows the Constitutional Court’s ruling last month to decriminalise the private consumption and cultivation of cannabis.

Lebeya and other senior police leaders briefed the police portfolio committee earlier today, on their annual reports. Lebeya made it clear, however, those facing trial for dealing in marijuana won’t be so lucky as that is a different case. They will still have to answer to the courts. Members of Parliament had asked about the implications of last month’s judgment relating to the private use of cannabis. “Because there are guidelines that were being given, some of these cases do not belong to the court roll but obviously those of dealing shall still remain as convictions are still being done on those,” Lebeya said.

Lebeya added state lawyers and prosecutors will discuss how to handle certain matters where people have been arrested for the possession of dagga. Parliament was also ordered by the Constitutional Court to redefine sections of the Medicines Control Act and Drugs and Trafficking Act to get them in line with the Constitution within two years.