KingLoot Shows Off Baby Bump

Its been a while since media personality Luthando Shosha, or shall I say KingLoot hit the streets of Johannesburg. After months of being on the down-low, King Loot revealed that she is expecting not one but two bundles of joy.

Lootlove took to social media to share the great news;

“It’s a phenomenal time to be me. God and my ancestors came together for me and blessed me with something so wonderful! I’m pregnant!😆🤰🏾💁🏽‍♀️ I won’t lie! I’m shoooook! Haha! 😆
I always thought I was cool 🤣😋…
and now to find out that I’m having twins makes me even cooler!
I am carrying Hip and Hop 😋🤣 This is the most beautiful time of my life. Most precious. The scariest and the most exciting. I’m completely vulnerable and sensitive. I’m excited! I’m nervous but all that goes away when I feel weird little “gas bubbles” which I now know are little kicks because I’m carrying life. A reminder of the miracle and wonder that is God. ❤️

Lootlove did an amazing job at keeping this secret from us, as none of us had a clue. Come to think about it, we should’ve caught the hint when she posted a video of her boyfriend Reason rubbing her swollen feet.

I guess all thats left to say is congratulations Lootlove, motherhood looks amazing on you.