“Nicole Nyaba Sets Twitter On Fire”


South African model, socialite and video vixen, Nicole Nyaba has caused a social media frenzy following her latest posts on Instagram.

Taking to her Instagram story, Nyaba claims she’s got someone’s nudes. “I got your nudes”, she posts, making her statement using a bee emoji. Then another message pops up “Y’all want to see your queen’s nudes? Oh and her bestie vid 🐝🐝🐝?, Nyaba posted”

Which Queen could she be referring to? Is the question we are all asking ourselves.

This is not the first time that Nyaba has caused a frenzy on social media as just over a month ago, she sparked speculations about being AKA’s side chick.

Nyaba previously denied having a relationship with the local rapper, but later fuelled rumours by posting a picture of a red siren stating she was “gonna start posting receipts”.

She proceeded to post another snap that got people asking questions, where she was seen with a blanket on a couch and AKA’s gold-certified placards were in the background. Tweeps took it upon themselves to put two and two together, digging up a picture of AKA at the same spot which seems to prove that she was in AKA’s house.

Nyaba’s still had more to say. Her next message created more questions on Twitter.

“I’m preparing Bryanston rat meat from my ex’s crib for his queen and squad of skanks. They are coming over for dinner so I have 3 points presentation of their nudes set aside for entertainment”

In the first video, which was taken while she was driving, Nicole commented, “I got ur nudes🐝”

Tweeps want to know exactly who this “Queen B” she is talking about is, some have taken it upon themselves to speculate who they think she talking about.


Image: @nicolenyaba