#NewMusicFriday: DJ Shows Sliqe Moves On Navy Black

Two years after the release of his critically acclaimed Injayam Vol. 1, SAMA Award winning hip hop DJ, Sliqe returns with his sophomore album titled Navy Black. The album boasts a host of A-list artists including Kwesta, Emtee, Maraza, Sy Ari Da Kid and even AKA. How he selected who to feature on the album is a question only he can answer.

“While I am busy creating the beat for a song I get a sense of who I want to feature and can hear which artist will sound great on the track.” –said Slique

 There are notable features on the album including American artist, Sy Ari Da Kid, who is signed to Cash Money Records. Sliqe was very vocal about this one. 

“My feature highlight, Sy Ari, is someone I have always wanted to work with. I have been a fan of his music and have all his mixtapes. I DMed him on Twitter for ‘Oh Well’, and he was keen to work. Then I also hit up AKA after he was done with his album and we finished the track in one night at his house,” he revealed.

“With ‘Kasi Anthem’ Makwa and I were in low spirits and made a beat. I called up Emtee, he laid his verse and then Maraza finished it off. It was only after the recording that we realised that Maraza and Emtee were old friends who had previously worked together.”

-says the producer.

 The Navy Blacknarrative began with the single Bioskop which features Raplyf artists Kwestaand Makwa. The catchy tune was followed up by two instant grats – Dream Girl and Navy – which were available with the preorder. His fans have been anticipating this album and since hearing Bioskop about Navy Black, and the two instant grats – Dream Girl and Navy – made available through the pre-order, the producer’s fans have deemed that the album is on its way to being another classic hip hop offering.

Between you and I, the fans are going to love this one.