The wonders of nature

Pink Lake

We live in a fast pace world where we don’t have the time to appreciate and admire the small beautiful things around us. There are so many things around us that are beautiful and not altered by science. I was never a nature lover but my love for nature has grown over the years.

It’s not something that happened over night. I had to have different flowers bought for me for different occasions and visit some beautiful plays, such as God’s window.


You can never predict what nature can offer you. Nature will present the most unexpected colours in the most unexpected places. Nature will also form the most unexpected shapes in the most unexpected ways. In a nutshell nature has beautiful stores to tell.

These may seem out of the ordinary but you must admit they are very beautiful. And although as human beings we always want explanation for the things around us, nature really is one of those amazing things that need no scientific explanation.

Dove Orchid

We just need to sit back and enjoy the beautiful stories that nature tells us. Nature can be considered as an effortless art. Nature should be preserved and continue to be enjoyed.

If these simple, natural creations do not capture your heart and draw you closer to nature, I am not sure what will.