The effect that social media has on todays youth

I was once a teenager and best believe, I had my own problems that I had to deal with. Fast forward to a couple of years later and I might have just found my way at this life thing. However, I am aware of certain things that youth of today are really struggling with.

In todays technological world, the answers all seem to be on the internet. The self-esteem of a teenager seems to be determined by the amount of likes they acquire and if they don’t reach a certain number, “they are not loved”.

Self-love should not begin with the other person, rather with yourself. The youth need to learn to live for themselves and not for others. It may be difficult but it’s not impossible.

Social media is supposed to make us more ‘social’- it is like society have forgotten what being social means. These days we sit with people, claiming we are spending time with each other but busy on the phone with another.  Then we claim we are extremely social people, reality is we are socially declining slowly but surely.

With social media teens can be exposed to unhealthy images and people with malicious intent. Cyber bullying is also something that has been on an increase and can lead to depression, drug abuse or even alcohol abuse. With access to nearly anything and everything teens can gain access to gruesome images that can lead to one acting out what they see.

The youth has lost a sense of connection with people around them and have found ‘joy’ in hurting others feelings on social media. They are also finding ‘acceptance’ from people that could barely care with what actually is going on in their life.

Ultimately, to me social media is bringing more unhappiness than happiness to the youth.