DJ Speedsta’s twitter rant

DJ Speedsta is one of South Africa’s popular dj’s and when you think of throwing a major event, you have got to have him on your line up. But what happens when your favorite dj starts using his fingers on a phone key pad more than the decks? (You get slammed by stylist Lethabo ‘Boogy’ Maboi)

DJ Speedsta took to twitter to rant about not being able to get a hold of rapper, Shane Eagle. The curve ball came through when popular stylist Lethabo Maboi exposed him for disappearing with her clothes and not paying her for services rendered.

In Speedsta’s initial tweet, he stated: “I called Shane late last year, finally got hold of him and he said he would hit me back which he never did. I tried to reach out but he was living his successful debut album life and forgot about me.”

You be the decider from the tweets below if Speedsta was being petty or not.