Sands and Mobi Dixon disqualified from SAMA24


Its been a good two weeks since the SAMA nominee party took place out in the East Rand and it seems that its  not everyone whose all smiles. The Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) and the SAMA office have come to a decison that Tigi by Sands which was nominated in the Record of the Year category and Lake by the Ocean by Mobi Dixon which was up for Best Remix have been struck off the nominees list.

Sands is a citizen of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) and as such is excluded from being considered for a SAMA in the Record of the Year category. Mobi Dixon’s Lake by the Ocean is a remix of an international song which is in contravention of the SAMA rules.

Tigi by Sands has been replaced by Love Me In The Dark by Sketchy Bongo featuring Kaien Cruz. Voting line is *120*2003*21#.  In the place of Lake by the Ocean by Mobi Dixon is Mwanagu by Jackie Queens and VeneiGrette remixed by Enoo Napa.

RiSA and SAMA are currently doing investigations into how these breaches were not picked up during the vetting process. After the investigation has been completed, appropriate remedial action will be taken.