The Return Of Bongo Maffin

If you grew up within the 90’s, you bound to know that at one stage Bonga Maffin was the musical group that South Africa loved. Thandiswa (Red) Mazwai, Appleseed, Stoan and Speedy is the talent we all fell in love with. Their hit track #ThatisSgubu to #Amadlozi, they had us all wrapped around their finger. The band was formed in 1996 as a ” side project” by DJ Oscar who wanted to fuse kwaito with house music, reggae, dancehall, rap and contemporary R&B, creating a distinctly South African sound. One might even go as far as referring to them as the South African version of the “Fugees”. The comparison however would stop at the gender ratio and perhaps that Mazwai has a soulful voice that might be likened to that of Lauryn Hill.

Unfortunately within groups, there comes a time when members want to go solo and that pattern happened to Bongo Maffin.  Despite the fact that the group had not released anything for years, their tunes were still stuck in the minds of South Africans. Years later, the group has come together to give Bongo Maffin one more try. When the announcement was made that the group would be performing at the #AbsoluteLive concert for the first time since their return, the crowd was excited.

Within the return, Oskidi recently posted on social media making an announcement that he is still working with the group.

“I have Known these guys since 1996, back at it again. just signed a partnership deal with . It is important for the stakeholders in the music industry to be adaptable & empowering. When we first signed we were a label, they were the artist. Today we are partners”

I guess all thats left to say is, “WELCOME BACK TO THE SCENE BONGO MAFFIN”