Africa’s Big Four is here


If you had to look up the definition of an “African Women”, you would realise that it stands for beautiful, powerful, resilient female of African descendent who is sun kissed by the sun. Women who speak truth to this definition right now is  media personality Luthando Shosha, Mtv Base presenter Kim Jayde, actress Michelle Mosalake and television presenter Bontle Modiselle who have been announced as the new faces of Revlon South Africa.

The ladies took to social media to share their sentiments on this big achievement within their careers.

“The four of us are officially the new Revlon brand ambassadors, we are in the same conversation with some of the most iconic women in the world, who have stood for strength and for feminine power, so this is who we are, you can officially call us the live boldly brigade…”  said Bontle Modiselle

“It actually happened quite quickly funny enough, the conversation started at the beginning of January, everybody tried keeping track of everybody else…a couple of weeks ago we signed everything…we had to jump into signing contracts, and doing shoots, just last week we shot our TV commercial so it’s been hectic, it’s been up and down, we’ve kept this secret so low key but we were just like: ‘Oh my gosh, when they find out!” Loot Love

I was with my mom at the time when I found out…it’s honestly gonna change all of our lives, there’s no question about it, it’s such an honour to be part of such an incredible brigade, I mean, look at the woman on this brigade, I mean, hello…so they had been low-key stalking us on Instagram, and watching us, following what we were doing, and they reached out and there were a number of interview processes,” said Kim Jayde

“It’s a step closer to where I wanna go, and just bringing me closer to the kind of change I want to make, and it’s awesome, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I didn’t know it would happen this fast, I love cosmetics and I love looking after my skin, and to add this on to my cv [curriculum vitae] is just incredible, a year in almost, I’ve just been here for a year…I have a lot of plans and I just want them to unfold by just being me and I want to inspire people to just do that”  said Michelle Mosalakae

If this does not inspire to reach for you dreams then I don’t know what will. “Dear African Women, You are smart, you are beautiful and you are strong in the lifeline. You carry power and courage within you. You now have the power to create and nature your dreams. Anything is possible African Women”.