AFI Cape Town fashion week reclaimed, reimagined, and reinvigorated!

Celebrating a decade in style, the In line Fashion International (AFI) has decided to step into the year of 2018 by  rebranding its Fashion Week Properties to AFI Cape Town Fashion Week and AFI Joburg Fashion Week.

In the past, the magnificent brand has given and lead the twenty-first century to a  generation of creatives who are playing with ideas of how men and women should look, which later followed with a spark in terms of social revolution. I think its safe to say that AFI has curated some  of the continent’s fashion greats.

This year we will descend to the mother city’s most iconic spaces with untamed passion and unbound energy for –AFI Cape Town Fashion Week which takes place from 21-24 March 2018.

Breaking from tradition and forging a new path, AFI Cape Town Fashion Week walks off the ramp and through the Mother City’s most breath-taking landscapes and curated spaces, to reimagine ways to interact with luxury fashion, art and design and to be at the forefront of the global fashion stage.FI Executive Chairman, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe says, “The global north has always been inspired by Africa. Following its recognition with the Franca Sozzani award in New York, AFI is uniquely positioned to propel African fashion onto the global stage.”

Keeping with the movement of being inspired by a bold, vibrant, and authentic African spirit, the theme this year is: #IAMAFRICA! AFI Cape Town Fashion Week celebrates the future of African luxury fashion with the power and confidence of the continent’s ancient creative heritages.