Usain Bolt meets with Minister of Sport and Recreation- SA

Sports minister Thulas Nxesi dropped everything to rush to meet Usain Bolt in Johannesburg on Monday — he must have been in such a hurry he apparently didn’t even have time to do his homework.

Bolt said that as soon as he arrived in the country he got the chance to party at a few clubs where he fell in love with SA music.

“I love the saying‚ ‘South Africans know how to have fun’ because it’s not like everything is perfect but they know how to find joy in the simplest things.”

Usain‚ who officially retired from athletics in August 2017 said he was sad when he crossed the finish line for the last time‚ but was encouraged by the successful career he enjoyed.

“Retirement hasn’t totally been ‘easy’ because I have been flying all over the world because I have a great team of people helping me. So the brand of Usain Bolt‚ the athlete will never die and through it‚ I hope others‚ including SA‚ will be helped through the initiatives that will be announced later.”

The former sprinter also revealed that he was looking forward to launching his soccer career, Usain said he had trials coming up in March and aspired to eventually play for one of the big teams.

Bolt lost all three of his world titles at the world championships in London last year — he was beaten in the 100m‚ failed to finish the 4x100m relay and decided not to enter the 200m race.