Unathi to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

South African singer and media personality Unathi is set to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

“I was performing in Swaziland last year and met the dotAfrica CEO, Lucky Masilela, we just started chatting about Africa and he asked me about my love for the continent because I had just been to Mozambique the week before and have been to a number of African states. He also asked me about what’s it like being a musician in the continent, it was a good chat,” Unathi said.

“When he told me what dotAfrica was I said for the longest time as a continent we have given so much of ourselves away, and it’s time we kept what ours, from our skills, our money and our jobs. dotAfrica is about moving Africa to the next digital phase by us having our very own top level domain,” she said.

When she agreed to be an ambassador, the star was asked to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and she said “yes!”.

“The campaign is a continental one which means it needed to be every country, so with the partnerships we have, many heads of states felt that the dotAfrica flag needed to go to every country and then to the highest point in Africa. When I was asked I just said yes without even thinking about,” said Unathi.

“I am no fool, I know that it is going to be difficult, I mean I am still asking myself why I am doing this but I am very excited, my kids are also very excited for me. I think it is going to be an amazing experience,” she said.