Kwesta’s Sprit video has us talking

Kwesta’s Sprit music video has us blown us away, the track features Nigerian-American Rap star Wale. The song hit a million views months after its release, which simply meant that the visuals of this track was going to be nothing short of amazing.

As usual Kwesta delivered… 

After months of waiting, Kwesta finally released the video and within minutes thousands of people flocked the interent to see what the ‘spirt’ video had in store for us. This video was shot when Kwesta brought Wale to South Africa for his ‘spirit goes platinum’ celebration concert. Without going any  further, the visuals are amazing but itseems Kwesta’s video has a far deeper and symbolic meaning to it. The video opens up with the camera running through Kwesta’s hometown Katlehong, a township in the east of Johannesburg. The camera then switches to a lower angle capturing Kwesta walking away from the camera wearing a t-shirt with the famous number 11. This is symbolises the famous Kazier Chiefs soccer player from Katlehong who kwesta pays homeage to. The video features a number of shots which portrays and symbolised a power struggle that South Africa went through over the years of apartheid, which is shown through the  burning of the old Apartheird flag. This video also carries heavy religious symbolism, showing the Christian African Church denominations that are now embedded in the South African culture, it also shows shots of things and activities that are truly South African like spinning cars, children playing in the water and chicken slaughtering, which also represents the contrast between the lifestyle in the townships and the suburbs. Throuugh the spirt video one walks away with the following  messages, that although as individuals we go through some trials and tribulations that might get us down but its important to keep going despite all odds and that as people united there’s more you cant achieve.



Release your spirit and be free.