Kenya and South Africa tighten up relations


President Jacob Zuma and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta on discussion about modern-day slavery

The two had a meeting  in Durban on thursday at John Dube House to discuss developments on the continent, Kenyatta will be on a three day visit to the country.

The meeting marks his first foreign trip since he was elected for his final term as Kenyan president in November last year.

Their objective is to ” strengthen relations and take them to a higher level,” said Zuma, adding that Thursday’s meeting was “absolutely important” as it gave both leaders time to come to conclusions on some issues before Kenyatta’s next visit.

“We have also had the opportunity to discuss regional issues that are to do with mutual interest, matters of peace and security. I have had the opportunity to brief [president Zuma] on South Sudan and to discuss other issues,” said Kenyatta.

He says African political parties should work to unite their people.

Zuma said Kenyatta could participate in the birthday of the ruling party “because we have had very good discussions about how to make our parties work together”.

According to a statement from Kenyatta’s office, he would meet with deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday.

He would also meet with the Johannesburg business community and the chief executive officer of Volkswagen South Africa, Thomas Schaefer, who set up an assembling plant in Kenya in 2016.